Bollards Melbourne

Bollards Melbourne

Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city and acclaimed as Australia’s heart of culture. Why? This famous city of Victoria is well-known for its street art which remarkably showcases a high quality artistic side of its simple and unique style of graffiti. City centre’s Hosier Lane will give you the real definition of art with its must-see authentic gallery along its famous bluestone laneway.

This remarkable art culture is not only what Melbourne is famous for, but also its most active nightlife scene with pubs, bars and nightclubs all over the city. Knowing this, it is definitely a fact that many tourists and locals are giving their interest in Melbourne, which is why Steelmark offers its first-class Melbourne bollards and services to the city.

Steelmark provides great service and quality products that focuses mainly on bollards. As a top bollard provider, we offer Australia wide delivery and same day dispatch which Melbourne can take full advantage of. Not to mention, free fixings which are also included in your purchase. We are committed to going the extra mile for our clients and making their purchase as smooth as possible. By focusing only on bollards, it allows our company to only produce fantastic quality products that are made from the best materials.

Our range of products consists of the following:

We believe that providing security assistance is the most important part of our business. Safety bollards are often used for protecting personnel from potential accidents both indoors and outdoors. Most commonly, bollards are used in car parks and petrol stations in case of an emergency. Offering an added layer of protection to commercial buildings can save thousands in damages that would have otherwise been done if the bollards were not there.

We guarantee the protection of the public through our products which is why we make sure that our bollards are fully hot dipped and galvanised to the most corrosive resistant available. That way our bollards are constructed with a  reliable base which we then powder coat using a high performance dry powder which adds a layer of protection against cracks, peeling, and harsh weather conditions.

With this being said, Steelmark doesn’t stop there with ensuring the bollards functionality. To increase driver awareness and provide physical barriers for both people and property, we promote our bestselling highly-visible safety yellow bollard to use for public places.

If you’re located in Melbourne and need a set of bollards, contact us today or visit out LinkedIn Page for assistance. We have a range of high quality bollards, so for all Melbourne bollards. Contact Steelmark.


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