Stackable Water Filled Barrier | Orange or White


Our Stackable Water Filled Barriers are designed to redirect, delineate or separate pedestrian and slow vehicle traffic.

This unique stackable design helps reduce transport and storage costs, while the new and improved lightweight system makes them safer and easier to deploy on site. You can also link these barriers together using the interlocking connectors, supplied with the base product.

Unique stackable design helps reduce transport and storage costs.
Lightweight making them safer and time efficient to deploy on site can easily deploy a run of barriers on site from the back of a work vehicle.


Weight17 kg
Dimensions120 × 36 × 60 cm


Colour Options:

Orange / White


1100mm Long x 100 (Top Width) x 360 (Bottom Width) x 600mm High

Weight Empty:

7 Kg

Weight Full:

50 Kg

Product Code:


Product Data Sheet:

Available upon request