Tube Clamp Fittings | 165 | Combined Tee & Crossover

Steelmark’s 165 Combined Tee & Crossover is often use in racking and similar structures. This fitting allows both uprights and front and rear horizontal rails to be continuous.

We recommend for the upright to be on the outside of the structure for maximum stability.

The through tubes cannot be joined within the fitting.

*Please confirm size required upon order


Product Code:




Size B34:

33.7mm OD x 46mm(a) x 40mm(b)

Size C42:

42.4mm OD x 60mm(a) x 49mm(b)

Size D48:

48.3mm OD x 68mm(a) x 55mm(b)

Size E60:

60.3mmOD x 84mm(a) x 68mm(b)

Product Data Sheet:

Available upon request

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