Tube Clamp Fittings | 101 | Short Tee | Reducing

Steelmark’s 101 Short Tee is a 90° butt joint and is designed to join stanchions to top, middle rails and end posts. These are typically used for the constructions of handrails, balustrade and many other structures.

This fitting is used to join tubes of unequal sizes.

This fitting cannot be used where through tube has to be joined within the fitting.

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Product Code:




Size B34/C42:

33.7mmOD(x) / 42.4mmOD(y) – 56mmL (a)

Size C42/B34

42.4mmOD(x) / 33.7mmOD(y) – 57mmL (a)

Size C42/D48:

42.4mmOD(x) / 48.3mmOD(y) – 68mmL (a)

Size D48/B34:

48.3mmOD(x) / 33.7mmOD(y) – 64mmL (a)

Size D48/C42:

48.3mmOD(x) / 42.4mmOD(y) / 63mmL (a)

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