Surface Mounted Removable Bollard Installation Guide

1. Please prepare below:

  • A hammer drill with the correct size drill bit
  • The fixings for the bollard
  • The correct sized socket
  • A hammer
  • A hand broom or industrial vacuum (optional)
  1. Read all the instructions from beginning to end first.
  2. Determine exactly where the bollard will be placed. Place the bollard with the base plate receiver attached into the position you would like it to be in when it is in its locked
    position. Then without moving the position of the base plate, remove the bollard by unlocking the key and turning it anticlockwise from one of the triangle marks to the
    other. Lift the bollard away from the base plate.
  3. If you are installing more than one bollard, it is a good idea to mark the ground to ensure that you have a straight line to assist you with the correct placement of your
  4. Using your hammer drill, drill a guide hole in the surface, through each hole in the base plate receiver using the drill bit. (This is to mark the surface so that you know where to
    continue to drill).
  5. Remove the base plate receiver and brush or vacuum away the dust.
  6. Continue to drill each guide hole to almost the entire length of your fixings.
  7. Brush or vacuum away the surface dust.
  8. Put the plastic plug component of the fixing in the drilled hole and hammer in.
  9. Place each base plate receiver over the holes, line up and put the supplied fixings through the base plate receiver into the plastic plugs.
  10. Use your socket to tighten your bollard onto the base plate receiver, ensure that the key is always turned to the unlock position before being placed onto the base.

Following these simple steps will surely help you maximize the best protection a bollard can
give. On the other hand, your safety is still our first priority so make sure to wear safety gear
before to start this process and to avoid any unwanted injuries.

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