Surface Mounted Bollards Installation Guide

  1. Prepare all the necessary equipment needed to install your bollard. Make sure that you have these things:

A hammer drill with masonry drill bit that suit your fixings’ size 

Bollard fixings (We give free fixings in every purchase) 


2. Before starting the actual process, make sure to read thoroughly the installation guide  and steps.

Wrench or Socket wrench 

Industrial vacuum or a simple hand broom 

3. Identify the area you wish the bollards to be placed. If you will install more than one bollards, make sure to mark each specific area in order to align the bollards properly. It is advisable to leave 1500mm/1.5m space in between each bollard when installing. 

4. Carefully place the bollard where it should be positioned and mark each hole using a  smaller bit of hammer drill. This is to make a centre drill that will guide you where to use a  larger drill.

5. Start a larger drill on the guide hole you created earlier. Keep on drilling up to approximately 120mm depth.

6. After drilling, again, clean the surface to brush off concrete dust.

7. Now, put the leg bolts into the hole and start to hammer it down.

8. Then, place the bollards on the surface again with its hole aligning properly with the leg bolts. 

9. Now, put the screws through the bollards and on the leg bolts, then start to tighten  them all using a wrench. Make sure that the screws are not overly tightened.

Following these simple and easy steps will surely help you maximize the best protection a  bollard can give. On the other hand, your safety is still our first priority so make sure to  wear safety gear before to start this process and to avoid any unwanted injuries. 

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