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Looking for a solution to control traffic speeds and create a calmer environment in your neighborhood or parking lot? Steelmark Speed Humps offer a practical and impactful approach to traffic calming. These strategically placed bumps encourage drivers to reduce their speed, promoting safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.

Why Choose Steelmark Speed Humps?

• Enhanced Traffic Calming: Speed humps effectively encourage drivers to slow down, creating a safer environment for pedestrians crossing streets, children playing in neighborhoods, or parked vehicles.
• Reduced Traffic Noise: Lower speeds lead to less traffic noise, creating a more peaceful and enjoyable environment for residents and businesses.
• Durable & Long-Lasting: Our speed humps are manufactured from high-quality materials to withstand constant traffic flow and harsh weather conditions.
• Variety of Sizes & Materials: Choose from different sizes and materials to suit your specific needs and traffic volume on the targeted road or area.
• Highly Visible Options (optional): Some speed humps come in bright colors or with reflective properties for increased visibility, especially at night or in low-light conditions.

Steelmark Speed Humps are ideal for:

• Residential Areas: Create a safer environment for children playing, pedestrians crossing streets, and parked vehicles by calming traffic near schools, playgrounds, or residential zones.
• School Zones: Enforce lower speed limits and prioritize pedestrian safety around schools with strategically placed speed humps.
• Parking Lots & Garages: Control traffic flow and prevent speeding within parking areas, protecting parked vehicles and pedestrians.
• Commercial & Industrial Areas: Manage traffic near crosswalks, loading zones, or high-pedestrian areas to ensure safety for everyone.

Benefits of Steelmark Speed Humps over Speed Bumps:

• Gentler Inclines & Declines: Speed humps typically have a gentler incline and decline compared to speed bumps, offering a smoother ride for drivers who slow down as intended.
• Reduced Noise Impact: The smoother profile of speed humps can minimise noise generated by vehicles traversing them compared to sharper speed bumps.

Invest in a safer community with Steelmark Speed Humps. Browse our selection today and find the perfect speed humps to reduce traffic speeds and create a calmer environment in your neighborhood, parking lot, or any other relevant space!

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