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Speed Hump Installation Guide

Speed Hump Standard

  •  Speed Hump should comply with the current standard AS/NZS 2890:1:2004
  • Type 2 Speed Humps are appropriate for use in outdoor car parks, multi-level car parks and drive ways etc. to further check the speed of vehicles travelling at 30m/h or less
  • Standards approved Speed Humps must have a 1:2 ramp angle and be flat on the top, not less than 100mm and not exceeding 150mm
  • Markings for Speed Hump modules are to be in 250mm stripes of Black & Yellow or Black & White
  •  An accessible path of minimum of 1 meter is required from both ends of each Speed Hump line for pedestrian & wheelchair access
  •  Our compliant Speed Humps 60mm & 70mm sizes meet the above standards

Fixing Speed Hump to asphalt / bitumen surfaces over metal base-course

  • Use our 12 x 200mm asphalt Road Spike
  • use a 10mm masonry drill to drill a pilot hole 180mm deep
  • Sweep away any debris to ensure that the area is clear of dust & grit
  •  Use a construction adhesive/epoxy and squirt 10 mills down the hole and 10ml around the top of the hole to prevent the pins from moving over time
  •  Using a club hammer tap the asphalt spikes down into the recessed area
  •  Two fastenings are required per 250mm module

Fixing Speed Humps onto concrete surfaces

  •  Use our M16 x 50mm Wedge Anchor with 12mm set bolt & 30mm washer
  • Use a 16mm masonry drill to drill a 55mm deep hole
  • Blow out the dust down the hole with compressed air
  • Sweep away debris to ensure that the area is free of dust and grit
  • Tap the Wedge Anchor down the hole and lock in place by sing a setting tool to punch the wedge in the base of the fixing to prevent it turning in the concrete
  • Fix the 12mm Set Bolt and washer to the anchor and tighten
  • Two fastenings are required per 250mm module

Please call us for Speed Hump Installation Data Sheet.


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