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Prioritise safety and noise reduction in your parking area with Steelmark Rubber Wheel Stops. These versatile wheel stops, crafted from high-quality rubber, offer a perfect balance of impact absorption, durability, and noise reduction, making them ideal for various parking applications.

Why Choose Steelmark Rubber Wheel Stops?

• Enhanced Impact Absorption: Rubber’s inherent flexibility helps absorb impact from parking vehicles, minimising the risk of damage to both the wheel stop and the vehicle itself.
• Noise Reduction: Compared to concrete or metal wheel stops, rubber significantly reduces noise caused by vehicles making contact with the parking barrier.
• Durable & Long-Lasting: Steelmark Rubber Wheel Stops are built to withstand constant use and harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
• High Visibility Options (optional): Some rubber wheel stops come in bright colors or with reflective properties for increased visibility, especially in low-light conditions (mention if applicable).
• Easy Installation: Many rubber wheel stops are lightweight and easy to install, often requiring minimal tools or expertise.

Steelmark Rubber Wheel Stops are ideal for:

• High-Traffic Parking Lots: Provide a balance of durability and impact absorption in busy parking areas like shopping centers, office buildings, or hospitals.
• Public Parking Garages: Reduce noise and create a more pleasant experience for parkers in public garages with the noise-dampening properties of rubber wheel stops.
• Residential Parking: Protect your own driveway or carport from accidental car bumps with the impact-absorbing qualities of rubber wheel stops.
• Loading Docks & Warehouses: Offer some impact protection for forklifts or trucks while maintaining clear zone demarcation with rubber wheel stops.

Benefits of Rubber Wheel Stops over Other Materials:

• Impact Absorption: Rubber excels at absorbing impact, minimising potential damage to vehicles compared to concrete or metal wheel stops.
• Noise Reduction: Rubber significantly reduces noise from car-to-barrier contact, creating a quieter environment for pedestrians and nearby residents.

Choose the Right Steelmark Rubber Wheel Stops for Your Needs:

• Size & Height: Select the appropriate size and height to effectively stop vehicles without causing scraping or undercarriage damage.
• Reflective Options (optional): Enhance nighttime visibility in low-light conditions with wheel stops featuring reflective properties (if applicable).
• Bolt-Down vs. Surface Mount: Choose between bolt-down options for permanent installation or surface-mounted rubber stops for added flexibility.

Invest in a safer and quieter parking experience with Steelmark Rubber Wheel Stops. Browse our selection today and find the perfect wheel stops to absorb impact, reduce noise, and protect your vehicles!

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