Outdoor | Half Dome | 900mm | Acrylic Mirror


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The 900mm Outdoor Two-Way Driveway mirror has a 180° angle of reflection to allow you to see both left and right, helping drivers to safely exit a building onto a driveway. Ideal for busy loading bays, car parking buildings and shared driveways. When walls, fences, buildings and trees are blocking your visibility, two-way driveway mirrors can safely assist your view of the driveway in both directions. Complete with adjustable galvanized steel wall mounting bracket for outdoor use.

NOTE: Due to the deep curve of this mirror, we recommend these models for slow moving traffic only and are not suitable for moderate to high speed roads)

  • Pure aluminium reflective coating.
  • 10mm Celuka vinyl back and lid.
  • Complete with fully adjustable outdoor J-Bracket bracket for wall mounting.

*With 5 Year Warranty


Product Code:



2mm Acrylic



Curve Depth:



8 Kg

View Distance:

Up to 12m (from viewer – to mirror – to area being viewed)

Bracket Length:


Mounting Holes:

4 x 11mm (mounting screws not included)

Product Data Sheet:

Available upon request

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