300mm | Long Handle | Heavy Duty Lookunder Mirror


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The 300mm Vehicle Lookunder Mirror with Long Heavy Duty Handle is designed specifically for viewing underneath vehicles and machinery. The deeper curve lets you see a wider area in the mirror reflection and the castor wheels make these mirrors much easier to position and manoeuvre. Primarily used for vehicle inspection, machinery inspection, bomb inspection, and a wide variety of other safety checks and inspections. This wheeled convex mirror comes complete with a long telescopic heavy duty aluminium handle with spring loaded pin locking design and extends from 120cm up to 240cm. This Lookunder Mirror can also be fitted with the optional Base Light, which is easily bolted to the base of the mirror and is fully adjustable. The LED light provides up-lighting to any low lit areas that require more visibility. (purchased separately)

  • Pure aluminium reflective coating.
  • 4mm (ACM) aluminium composite back. 
  • Vinyl surround.
  • Protective Drawstring bag included
  • Complete with spring loaded pin locking telescopic handle.

* With 5 Year Warranty


Product Code:



2mm Acrylic



Curve Depth:



3 Kg

View Distance:

Up to 6m

Handle Length:

100cm to 200cm Pin Lock

Product Data Sheet:

Available upon request

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