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Lane Separators | Yellow with White Reflectors | 1m Long

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Introducing our 1m Yellow Recycled Rubber Lane Separators, a durable and eco-friendly solution for effective traffic management. These lane separators are designed to enhance road safety and organization, making them an ideal choice for various applications.

Constructed from high-quality recycled rubber, these lane separators are not only robust but also contribute to a sustainable environment. The vibrant yellow color ensures high visibility, even in low-light conditions, alerting drivers and pedestrians to designated lanes and boundaries.

With a length of 1 meter, these lane separators provide ample coverage to effectively divide lanes and control traffic flow. They are easy to install and can be securely placed on roads, carparks or other areas requiring clear lane separation.

Our 1m Yellow Recycled Rubber Lane Separators are built to withstand heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. They are resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading, making them a cost-effective solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Whether you need to manage traffic in parking lots, construction sites, or event venues, these lane separators offer a reliable and efficient solution. Their durable construction and high visibility make them an essential tool for maintaining order and safety on the roads.

Choose our 1m Yellow Recycled Rubber Lane Separators for a sustainable, durable, and effective traffic management solution. Experience the benefits of enhanced road safety and organization with this reliable product.

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Yellow with white reflective strips


1000mm long, 150mm wide, 50mm high

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