Indoor | Quarter Dome | 600mm | Acrylic Mirror


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The 600mm indoor Quarter dome mirror is mounted to the ceiling at 90° right angle corners, where space is limited in corridors and passageways. Ideal for busy corridors such as schools, hospitals, office buildings and reception areas, the quarter dome can help prevent collisions and accidents. Also used for security surveillance of store shelves, partitions and aisles. Mounted to the ceiling with the supplied dome capped screws, this mirror gives a clear reflection without any distortion.

  • 90° Viewing Angle.
  • Pure Aluminium Reflective Coating.
  • Dome Capped Screws Included.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.

*With 5 Year Warranty


Product Code:



2mm Acrylic



Curve Depth:



1 Kg

View Distance:

Up to 3m (from viewer – to mirror – to area being viewed)

Mounting Holes:

2 x 5mm

Product Data Sheet:

Available upon request

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