Indoor | Full Dome | 600mm | Acrylic Mirror


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The 600mm indoor ceiling dome mirror is an effective method of wide area surveillance, due to its large 360º area of reflection, making it ideal for large retail areas, warehouses and distribution centres.

In retail areas, when strategically placed, domes can be positioned above aisles and intersections for wide area surveillance and can even be used in some areas with ceiling hung banners. This Full Dome mirror can also assist surveillance of large areas in factories and warehouses where storage and high shelving obscure the vision of staff and forklift trucks at busy intersections.

Th Full Dome comes complete with standard dome capped screws for fixing directly to the ceiling and our unique suspension kit for optimal height positioning.

  • 360° Viewing Angle.
  • Pure Aluminium Reflective Coating.
  • Dome Capped Screws and Suspension Kit Included.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.

*With 5 Year Warranty


Product Codes:



2mm Acrylic



Curve Depth:



3 Kg

View Distance:

Up to 6m (from viewer – to mirror – to area being viewed)

Mounting Holes:

3 x 5mm

Product Data Sheet:

Available upon request

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