Tube Clamp Fittings | DDA 748 | Assist Saddle Internal Swivel Bracket

Steelmark’s 747 Assist Expanding Internal Swivel Bracket is use to attach handrail to un upright at any angle when used in conjunction with type 101 or 125 for single rail or type 104 for double rail.

Though this fitting is designed for C42 size, this can also be use for D48 size with slight central gap when fitting.

Please be advise that D42 size handrails do not meet the dimensional requirements for Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations.

*Please confirm size required upon order


Product Code:




Size C42:

42.4mm OD x 80mm(a) x 38.5mm(b) x 90mm(c)

Product Data Sheet:

Available upon request

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