Cast In Ground Bollard Installation Guide

1. Prepare all the necessary tools for the installation process. Make sure to have the following:

  • Post Hole Digger
  • Level
  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Vacuum or Broom (optional)

2. Identify the areas you wish the bollard to be installed. If you are planning to install more than one bollard, it is better to mark the place for each to perfectly suit one bollard from another. It is also advisable to leave 1500mm/1.5m distance in between each bollard.

3. Before start digging a hole, always check for any hazards like gas lines, water pipes and underground wiring.

4. Outline the final area the bollard should be placed and mark the centre point.

5. Remove dust using vacuum or broom as it may disrupt placement of the bollard.

6. Start to dig a hole at the marked point using a post hole digger. The diameter of the hole should always be the diameter of the bollard with an addition of 6 inches. Dig as depth as 18-24 inches below or the recommended digging depth of your area.

7. Now, create a mixture of concrete and water. Always ensure that the proper ration of water and concrete mix are used and the finished texture should be similar to a moldable clay or slightly wetter.

8. Insert the bollard in the hole until it reached the bottom and use a level to ensure that it remains plumb.

9. Gently shovel the concrete mix into the hole space around the bollard’s perimeter then tap the bollard using a hammer while placing the mixture to help it pack.

10. Leave it for a minimum of 2- days to cure concrete and finish the bollard installation.

Following these simple steps will surely help you maximize the best protection a bollard can give. On the other hand, your safety is still our first priority so make sure to wear safety gear before to start this process and to avoid any unwanted injuries.

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