Elevate your security and streamline access control with Steelmark Card Reader Bollards. Our technologically advanced bollards seamlessly integrate with access control systems, allowing authorized entry and deterring unauthorized vehicles.

Why Choose Steelmark Card Reader Bollards?

• Unmatched Security: Combine the physical barrier of a bollard with electronic access control for maximum security. Restrict vehicle access to designated personnel only.
• Convenient Operation: Grant access with key fobs, access cards, or even smartphone apps for a user-friendly experience.
• Improved Traffic Flow: Control vehicle flow efficiently. Bollards automatically retract for authorised vehicles, reducing congestion.
• Increased Visibility: Many bollards feature integrated lighting for improved nighttime safety and clear visual cues.
• Seamless Integration: Our card reader bollards work seamlessly with various access control systems for a unified security solution.

Steelmark Card Reader Bollards are ideal for:

• High-Security Areas: Banks, government buildings, airports, and other locations requiring maximum security measures.
• Commercial Properties: Control access to restricted areas like loading docks, parking spaces, or specific vehicle zones.
• Gated Communities: Secure entrances and restrict unauthorized vehicle entry with convenient access for residents.
• Valet Parking: Manage vehicle flow and ensure only authorized personnel have access to valet parking areas.

Steelmark offers a variety of card reader bollards to meet your specific needs, including:

• Different Bollard Styles: Choose from sleek and modern to traditional designs to complement your property’s aesthetics.
• Retractable or Rising Bollards: Select the functionality that best suits your application and security requirements.
• Integrated Safety Features: Many bollards come with safety sensors to prevent accidental collisions with pedestrians or vehicles.
• Power Options: Choose from hydraulic, electric, or solar-powered bollards depending on your needs and available resources.

Invest in next-level security and access control with Steelmark Card Reader Bollards. Browse our selection today and find the perfect solution for a secure and convenient entry system!

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