Bollards Toowoomba

Bollards Toowoomba

Being known as Queensland’s “The Garden City”, Toowoomba will certainly amuse you with more than 150 public parks and gardens that you can hang out at. This city which lies in the region of Darling Downs also hosts the annual Carnival of Flowers every September that usually runs into a ten-day celebration of laughter, parades, and fireworks.

Toowoomba is also famous for going through four very different seasons which makes its locals as well as the tourists to be engage more in an outdoor activities such as mountain biking and motocross. As the city gradually climbs to the top of each traveller’s list, Steelmark also wants to showcase our unfailing products to serve Toowoomba’s public safety.

Steelmark is a sole company that focuses on manufacturing bollards to the market. Having said that, it allows us to produce only quality products from the best materials. On top of that, we also offer an Australian wide delivery set up with same day dispatch on which those who live in Toowoomba can take advantage of. Producing the best product doesn’t stop Steelmark from offering an extra mile of service which is why free fixing is also included in the package.

Our range of products consists of the following:

Since people are mostly involved with outdoor activities in Toowoomba, we highly suggest to take advantage of our safety yellow bollard exclusively design to promote public protection. Safety bollards are mostly used to outline car-free zones, prevent extended parking on sidewalks and reduce traffic speed by narrowing lanes. They can also protect commercial buildings and petrol stations which can save the owners thousands of dollars in the event of an accident.

In line with this, we make sure that all our bollards are hot dipped and galvanised in high quality corrosive resistant. Afterwards, they are fully powder coated using a high performance powder in order to create the perfect coat that is resilient to cracks and peeling. Lastly, to perform its function for public safety, we maintain the highest level of visual warning in yellow design aligning to the industry’s most common used bollard.

To maintain the beauty and essence of Toowoomba’s flower festival, we recommend taking advantage of our powder coated bollards which will keep the physical boundaries of both the public and the garden.

If you’re located in Toowoomba and need a set of bollards contact us today or visit out LinkedIn Page for assistance. We can assist you with a range of high quality bollards so for all bollards, Brisbane. Contact Steelmark.

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