Bollards Canberra

Bollards Canberra

Canberra is not just a normal city that is full of surprises which situated at the northern end of Australian Capital Territory. This capital city of Australia is the nation’s largest inland city that is considered as the seat of Australia’s government. It is mainly because of parliament house and some of the country’s most prestigious universities. As a result, Canberra is now the home of those who work in politics, media, and government related industries as well as students.

You can imagine that Canberra is full of giant buildings and offices with busy people passing by on its streets but hold on! This capital city also offers award-winning restaurants and cafés, some classic museums, and famous jam-packed markets. One of these markets is the Old Bus Depot Market where you can shop for anything from clothes, homewares to delicious food.

With all this busy daily activity, Canberra is a perfect city for Steelmark to showcase trustworthy products and reliable services.

Steelmark is the nation’s top provider of bollards with 40 years of experience in the construction industry. Our company focuses solely on producing bollards and this gave us the ability to harvest only the highest quality product made from the best materials. Providing the best product is not our only goal but we also provide outstanding service which includes delivering nationwide same-day dispatch and free fixings with each purchase.

Our range of products consists of the following:

We highly recommend our safety yellow bollard particularly for Canberra to ensure the protection of the workers and students both indoors and outdoors. Safety bollards are commonly used to indicate traffic lanes or parking lanes as well as to utilize safety measures to protect buildings.

Production of our bollards was made with expertise by using high-performance powder to create a thick coat that is resilient to cracks and peeling. That is after making sure the bollards are fully hot dipped and galvanised into a special corrosive resistant.

To complete its role in public safety, we decided to make our safety bollard into the highly visible yellow design that will increase aw.

We understand the importance of Anzac Parade and any other areas of Canberra, therefore, we recommend our powder coated bollards to increase public safety in this busy capital city.

If you’re located in Canberra and need a set of bollards, contact us today or visit out LinkedIn Page for assistance. We have a range of high quality bollards, so for all Canberra bollards. Contact Steelmark.

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