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Known historically to be the centre of free-spirited and free-thinking people, Adelaide is now recognised for its exciting festivals and sporting events as well as its food and wine. The city is considered to have a Mediterranean climate that allows its tourists and locals to experience four distinct seasons within the same day.

With that being said, people tend to love outdoor activities such as walking and cycling along the beautiful parks and green spaces that Adelaide has to offer. Tourists can also enjoy sight-seeing the biggest glasshouses and exquisite architectural design churches in the Southern Hemisphere. Such impressive attractions help the city climb to the top of everyone’s travel list and this also makes Steelmark wants to offer our best products to serve Adelaide.

Steelmark is a construction company that focuses mainly on producing excellent value for bollard manufacturing throughout Australia. That said, we offer Australia-wide delivery with same-day dispatch that those who live in Adelaide can take full advantage of. On top of that, Steelmark gladly provides free fixings included in each package. Since we are a company that is only dedicated to manufacturing bollards, we guarantee the best product from high-quality materials.

Our range of products consists of the following:

In order to add more value and protection to Adelaide’s most significant tourists attractions, we recommend our safety yellow bollard to be used. Safety bollards are used to decreased accidents and guard pedestrians and personnel.

With 40 years of experience in the construction industry, our bollards have been through a meticulous process of powder coating using a high-performance powder for a thick coat resistant to any forms of cracks. That is, after fully hot dipped and galvanised to the most corrosive resistant available. This process assures our client for a high-class quality of bollard in the market.

And for the best result, Steelmark promotes our high-visibility yellow safety bollards to increase awareness particularly of the driver and provide physical barriers for both people and property from possible accidents.

For these kinds of activities, we recommend our powder-coated bollards to ensure the safety of the cyclists as well as the people around them.

If you’re located in Adelaide and need a set of bollards, contact us today or visit out LinkedIn Page for assistance. We have a range of high quality bollards, so for all Adelaide bollards. Contact Steelmark.

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