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There’s only so many ways to control speedy drivers in an effort to keep other drivers and passengers safe. One solution can be to implement road speed humps, whether they’re driveway speed bumps, speed humps at pedestrian crossings, or on the road to help drivers become more conscious of their speed. This is why Steelmark is proud to be a premiere speed hump supplier
serving Australians to help keep roadways and walkways safe.

Don’t rely on cheap plastic speed humps or concrete options that break down easily; invest in quality from a knowledgeable company that keeps product safety at the forefront of our business.

What Is A Speed Hump?

Speed Hump - Steelmark
Speed Hump – Steelmark

Speed humps can be an effective tool to keep speeding drivers at bay, encouraging drivers to slow down to avoid causing extensive damage to their vehicle. These road humps need to be highly visible and made with durable material to be useful.

These tools are also useful to help control the flow of traffic and keep it at acceptable speeds. This can help both drivers and pedestrians feel more at ease when using the road, especially in areas where more vulnerable populations might be needing to cross the street.

Benefits Of Speed Humps

Having speed humps installed can be important in large car parks that see heavy foot traffic, as well as in residential areas where children are often outside playing. It’s also common to see a speedbump is school zones, near hospitals, and in parking lots of all sizes.

In areas that cannot be monitored constantly for road safety, speed controls tools can help encourage drivers to be more aware of their surroundings as they either drive down the road or make their way around the lot.

Size Variations

Our speed humps can be found in a range of sizes to suit location and budget. This way, you have more control over how speeding deterrents are set up. Economy humps are only 50 millimeters in length, and you can have several set up in a certain configurement to keep traffic controlled.

On the other hand, rumble strips can range from 500 millimeters to 1500 millimeters to extend along big roads. Your standard, commonly seen speedbumps come in sizes from 50 millimeters to 1000 millimeters, as do speed cushions that offer reduced impact to cars.

Speed Hump Cost

Costs for speed humps will vary by material and length chosen. Steelmark is not only one of the most reliable rubber speed humps suppliers, but we also make heavy duty steel options. Some of our speed bumps are made from recycled rubber or heavy duty rubber, which can also play into the final prices

Your steel speed humps are going to run more expensive due to the material costs, and range from between $70 and $300. With rubber options, you’re looking at a wider range of prices as low as
$15 to $20, all the way up to about $100.

Speed Humps For Sale

Whether you’re shopping for speed humps in Melbourne, Perth, in Brisbane, Sydney, or Australia in general, Steelmark is one of the most trusted
suppliers to opt for. We also offer installation guides with speed hump construction details to ensure your road bump of choice is installed safely.

We can deliver your speed hump of choice anywhere in Australia, and we make our shopping process from beginning to end as seamless as possible. You can follow your shipment to ensure it arrives on time, so you can make your roadway or neighborhood as safe as possible as soon as possible.

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