Why You Should Protect Your EV Charging Station With Bollards

Gasoline may still run the world, but electric vehicles are making a big impact, and one day in the
future, they will likely be the main mode of transportation. Right now, because EV vehicles are less
common, locations in which they can charge their batteries are also uncommon, and thus, in high
demand. An EV-charger station is a valuable investment.

Like any investment, you’ll want to protect an EV-charger station that you paid a lot of money for. All it
takes is one reckless driver, one person not paying attention while backing up their car, and your
precious EV charging station could be wrecked, causing it all to go to waste. For this reason, you’ll
want EV-charger station bollards.

Protect Your EV-Charger Station With Bollards

You’ve probably seen steel pipe safety bollards before as you’ve walked or driven around towns and
cities. These steel pipes stick straight up out of the ground, and are usually bright, obvious colors so
that drivers can see them. Their purpose? To put a buffer between something of value and any cars
that are having trouble driving safely.

Think of them like a car’s bumper: if something has to be hit in a fender bender or a parking accident,
at the very least, it can be simple steel, and not something complex and expensive like an EV-charger
station. Of course, that steel needs to be tough enough to stand up to punishment, and Steelmark
offers some of the best.

On the surface, this kind of protection may not seem completely necessary: but bollards for an EV-
charger station serve as valuable insurance, especially if you have a public charging station. Let’s be
honest, when you have hundreds or even thousands of people driving a car up near your station over
time, someone is bound to hit it eventually.

Maybe the damage won’t be that severe. It could just be a little ding on the station. But on the other
hand, it could be seriously damaged or completely destroyed. If that happens, you could be looking at
a pretty hefty repair cost, not to mention lost profit from the entire time that the EV-charger station is

Will Bollards Be Aesthetically Pleasing?

We understand this concern: after all, erecting several large metal poles around your EV-charger
station could be seen as less than aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s not as though you have to
settle for any bland shade of metal. Bollard covers also exist, and while they are not mandatory, they
can make bollards more aesthetically pleasing.

Steelmark not only offers sturdy and reliable bollards, but an array of bollard colors as well, so you
can ensure that these protective devices match the overall aesthetic and scheme of your business,
instead of just being an industrial eyesore. Whether it’s green, yellow, gray, or some other color
entirely, bollards can be made to fit.

Steelmark works tirelessly to ensure that every order can be delivered to the client as swiftly as
possible. Our expert sales team can tell you everything you need to know about various bollard
options and how they can be of use to you. Of course, if you really want to go the extra mile, consider
asking after curb guards and other protective station accessories.

All things being equal, paying a little for some added safety is much better than paying a lot for repairs
or replacement of something expensive. It is always a good idea to invest in protective devices for

things that will set you back if they are damaged, and Steelmark offers the means to keep your EV-
charging station safe.

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