Find The Perfect Bollard For Your Construction Site

The size of the bollards is small, but the role it plays in our life is huge. It can be used for protecting your place from many pedestrians and other vehicles. If you plan to protect your construction site using bollards, you must know the basic things about bollards. There are many types of bollards available in the market, and the objectives of using each type of bollard are different. Without understanding the basics of bollards and try to shop, you will be puzzled in deciding whether to buy in ground bollard, removable bollard, surface mount bollard, Plastic bollard, Square base bollard, Round base bollard, or other types of bollards.


Types of Bollards

If you are confused about the type of bollards and which is the best one for you, here we are providing the primary types of bollards and their characteristics.


Surface-mounted bollards

If you are looking to install the bollards for a short time and then remove them, these are the ideal ones. The reasons are these are effortless to install and easy to remove. Surface-mounted bollards are as the name says, sits above the surface or ground. Hence, if you do not own the property and require temporary barriers, these are the best choice. That is why it is ideal for buildings and shopping centers. In construction sites, you generally need these types of bollards since you need them for a short time, and once the construction is over, you want to remove them. Under this category, various types of bollards are available made of different raw materials. You can get Plastic bollards, wooden bollards, etc. You probably know the usage of the removable bollard in parking lots and other places where temporary bollard is the need of the hour.


Steelmark Surface Mounted Bollards


In-Ground Bollards

Just like the surface mount bollard, in ground bollard also easy to understand. In this type of bollard, the ground is drilled to install the bollard. These bollards are generally not used in construction sites. Hence, it is recommended not to purchase in-ground bollards if you buy to install them in temporary places such as building construction and other such places. These are stronger than removable and surface-mounted bollards and suit permanent needs. Since while installing requires drilling down the ground, the installation takes more time and effort. In this category, you can get both Round base bollard and square base bollard.


Steelmark In-Ground Bollards


Removable/ Retraceable Bollards

Retractable or removable bollards are pretty easy to install and remove. These are the most efficient and simplest solution to restrict the temporary opening. These are inexpensive, and if you are on a tight budget and want to control a particular area for a short time, these are the best options. Hence, you can use these bollards in your construction sites. The installation of these bollards is easy and removable is too effortless. You could find these types of bollards in those areas where vehicle parking or access is restricted for a few people, where these are installed until the authorized vehicle arrives or departs.


Where to buy bollards for construction sites

To purchase the bollard, you need to choose the best store to get high-quality products and many varieties to choose from. So, if you wonder what the best place to purchase all types of bollards, including bollards for your construction site, is, Steelmark is the best place. We offer all types of bollards and car safety and protection products. We deliver the products throughout Australia. Once the product is shipped, you can get the tracking details to check the order status, where your bollards are, and the estimated delivery date.


Why choose us?

We are in the bollards business for many years, and we love bollards. You can get the best quality bollards at very reasonable prices. Additionally, we provide the fastest delivery, and we deliver throughout Australia. And the service of ours is of top quality. This is why we are one of the top manufacturers and sellers of bollards in Australia. Our bollards are special because they are:

  • Grinded & cleaned
  • Fabricated
  • Polished
  • Galvanized
  • Wrapped and well packed
  • Powder-coated
  • In ready to install condition and
  • Free fixings included.

All these features make our boards are the supreme quality bollards available in the Australian market, our marketing experts even added stickers to the designs.

What are the different options of bollards available for construction sites?


Square Baseplate bollard

The square base plate bollards are one of the top-selling products of us, and it meets the requirements of builders, architects, and engineers. In this, you can get galvanized steel bollards and power-coated bollards. These bollards are surface-fixed bollards, and they are corrosive resistant. These are best for constructive sites.


Steelmark Square Base Bollards



Round base bollard

We provide a full range of round-based bollards to ensure the quality every engineer, builder, and architect needs. These bollards are also corrosive resistant and can be used for a long time.


Steelmark Round Base Bollards


Inground Bollards

The in-ground bollards are available in three types. The stainless steel bollards, powder-coated bollards, and galvanized steel bollards. These bollards are aesthetical and ideal for industrial and general public needs. The inground bollards are not suitable for temporary places. These bollards are drilled inside the ground and hence require more time to install.


Removable bollards

The removable bollards are the best options if you are looking to purchase a bollard for your construction site. You can easily install and remove these bollards in a quick time. These bollards are used for garages for security, asset protection, shop security, cark parking areas, and pedestrian protection. In removable bollards, you can get stainless steel bollards and powder-coated bollards in our stores.



Steelmark Removable Bollards



Plastic Bollards

Plastic bollards are gaining more fame in recent days since they are inexpensive and rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and can withstand all weather conditions. You can get different diameter plastic bollards, including 140mm, 114mm, 90mm, in different colors and sizes in length. These are an excellent choice for construction sites since they are inexpensive, easy to install and remove, and most importantly it is suitable for outdoor conditions in all weather. Hence, for all your construction site bollards needs, visit the Steelmark store and purchase the plastic or your choice of bollards.


Steelmark Plastic Bollards

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