All About Parking Bollards

If you own a parking lot, or perhaps a driveway, then you should always be thinking about parking security. You want to prevent people from driving up into areas that they shouldn’t be, and you want to prevent vehicles from being removed from areas that they shouldn’t be. One of the best solutions is to use parking bollards. These rather simple contraptions give you full control over your security.  There are several different options available too.

What Are Parking Bollards and Parking Barriers Used For?

Parking-bollards and parking barriers are designed to stop cars from getting into certain areas. The local government, for instance, may opt to have parking barriers installed close to sidewalks to prevent drivers from parking on them. Businesses may use bollards or barriers to stop people from using their parking spaces, especially at night. Even homeowners may use them to stop people from driving into or blocking their driveways.
Basically, if you need to prevent somebody from driving somewhere, then parking bollards are going to be a great choice. It will often be one of the most affordable options when it comes to car park security. A parking barrier tends not to be that expensive either.

Where To Buy Parking Bollards

If you are looking for security posts or other types of parking space barriers, then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of options out there. Look for a company that specializes in car barriers. This way you will have a good selection of car protectors e.g. collapsible bollards, electric bollard options, etc.
Remember, many of these companies will be focused on supplying bollard barrier options to those that run businesses, especially car parks. However, they should be able to help those that are looking for a simple garage bollard to help keep their parking space protected.
Always choose a company that specializes in bollards parking options. This way you stand a much better chance of getting something good. We recommend this site (link)

Types of Parking Bollards

When it comes to parking bollards, you have a whole host of different options. It is important that you choose the right one for your job.

Options include:

Permanent bollards: these cannot be removed. They are used when you want to protect buildings from vehicles, or perhaps protect paved walking areas.

Retractable bollards: these parking bollards can be folded down during the day. This can be done manually, or you may have an electric bollard that can be pushed down at the press of a switch. This can be ideal for when you don’t want people parking somewhere at certain times of the day.

Folding bollards: as the name suggests, these bollards just fold down when they are not in use. They provide cheap protection for certain spaces. They are often used in homes when, for instance, somebody is looking for a garage bollard. A fold-down bollard will also be available as an electric bollard.

Removable bollards: these are cheaper bollards that can just be picked up and moved whenever you need to. However, do bear in mind that there is not much that can hold them in place. These are often used for temporary parking control.

Parking Bollard Features

The main job of a parking bollard is to prevent vehicles from getting into certain areas. This means that there won’t be a huge number of features on them, at least beyond the type of parking bollard that you purchase e.g. foldable bollards o removable bollards. There may be some features that you will want to pay attention to, though.

For example, lockable bollards cannot be removed without a key. This could include remote control parking bollards so the driver doesn’t have to leave their vehicle in order to move the barrier.
You can also purchase automatic bollards. These can be programmed to move at certain times of the day or if they are approached by vehicles. These are a bit costlier, but give you full control over the parking barrier solution.


Looking for parking bollards? Make sure that you think about the type of bollard that you are after. There are plenty of options on the market. Remember, the barriers needed to protect a driveway would be different from the barriers used to protect a car park. Check out (link) if you want to look at the best parking bollard options.

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