How Much Do Bollards Cost and Where Can You Install Them?

Does not knowing the bollard cost intimidate you from installing bollards? Or don’t you know where to install bollards?

Bollards are actually a versatile piece used in public places. It is used for several functions, including marking boundaries, the security of buildings, and a visual guide to drivers. They are installed to enhance safety and security in certain places.

You can find different types of bollards on the market, such as plastic bollards, removable bollards, and ground bollards. To make good use of bollards and make them completely functional, you need to install the right type and the right number of bollards.

Are you still figuring out the uses of bollards and confused about how much they would cost? Bollards can be used in a variety of ways for serving different purposes or functions. And the bollard installation cost varies according to the type and number of bollards you choose.

Here is a complete guide about why and how to install bollards.

Why Should You Install Bollards?

Firstly, let us see the good reasons for installing bollards in a place. Or what are the benefits you get by installing bollards?

Enhances security

Is your shop or building located in an area susceptible to burglaries or ram-raiding? Then, it would be best if you could add some extra security to protect the doors and premises of your shop.
If you want to provide an added security to your shops, then bollards make a strong addition for protecting the entries to your shop. You can create a barrier for vehicles entering your shop by installing a series of bollards in the entry points. Bollards are strong when they are spaced correctly and make a great security factor.

Protection to your asset

Some buildings or plots might be located in accident-prone areas. Such places and buildings might easily get damaged due to sudden or rash entry of vehicles into the site. It is essential to protect your a

Improves safety

Haven’t we all at least once have seen vehicles colliding to pedestrian walkaways? In most places, roads and walkaways are constructed side to side. And cars crashing or colliding to pedestrian walkaways are a usual sight in heavy traffic or national highways.
You can install bollards to separate and form a barrier between roads and walkaways, which will improve people’s safety. Installation of bollards creates a barrier and will prevent running cars from crashing onto pedestrians walking on the walkaways.
It is better to use in-ground bollards or concrete bollards for the purpose of improving safety. Although concrete bollard costs you more, they are sturdy and durable structures.

Controls access

Bollards also help in preventing access to unauthorized people and vehicles into your building or spaces. For example, you can use bollards to deny access to other vehicles into your parking area on a commercial space. Removable bollards are appropriate in such cases. The removable bollards prices are average and affordable. However, lockable drop bollards will also make a flexible and advanced option to control access to certain spaces.

Where Can You Install Bollards?

Here are six common places that will benefit greatly from the installation of bollards.


Bollards are of great use in the heart of the city or cityscapes. In cityscapes, bollards can be installed in pedestrian walkaways, entrances of buildings, and parking areas. You can definitely make great use of bollards in cityscapes. They will give you peace of mind in many instances, including the regular hustle hours of the city.

Urban areas

Urban areas are different from cityscapes with lower traffic and relatively quiet roads and footpaths. However, bollards are still useful in creating a barrier for public parks, pathways, and cyclist parking spaces.

Commercial spaces

Bollards can be installed in commercial spaces such as shopping centres and retail stores for managing their limited space efficiently. You can control the parking areas and secure the entries to buildings by installing bollards.

Industrial areas

Industrial areas usually comprise a lot of buildings, including warehouses, distribution centres, and factories. In addition, you can also find several heavy-load vehicles in these areas. Therefore, bollards can be efficiently used in industrial spaces to create barriers between pathways and common roads.

Educational institutions

Educational institutions are places where bollards are needed essentially. The young generation is often distracted by phones and many other factors. They are mostly careless. So, it would be better to use bollards on pathways, parking spaces, and other main intersections of schools, colleges, and universities.

Transit points

Bollards are widely used in transit points such as airports, train terminals, and bus terminals. They are used in these places to prevent accidents, especially in the regular hustle hours.

How Much Does A Bollard Cost?

So, now the question is, how much does a bollard cost?

The price of bollards varies mainly according to the type of bollard you choose. Being said, plastic bollards prices are the lowest. But they aren’t a durable or sturdy option when compared to other vast types of bollards available on the market.
Let us see the price of five of the most common types of bollards used.

Above ground bollard

Above ground or surface mounted bollards will cost you around $108 normally. But if going for a customized unit, their price can rise up to $350.

Below ground bollard

Below ground bollards or in-ground bollards are mostly used for the purpose of asset protection. They are available on the market in a variety of styles and finishes. A single In-ground bollard cost can be anywhere between $100 to $450.

Removable bollards

Removable bollards are known for their flexibility. They are most commonly used for access controls. Their price ranges from $175 to $250. You will get removable bollards in both above-ground and below-ground styles on the market.

Parking bollards

Parking bollards are folding bollards that are built specifically for serving parking purposes. They are available on the market in different sizes and finishes. You can get parking bollards at a price anywhere between $140 to $325.

Flexible bollards

Flexible bollards are lightweight bollards with a reflective surface. They are mainly used in entrances and protected spaces for improving visibility. You will get flexible bollards by paying around $50. The price of high-quality flexible bollards can go up to $325.

Bollards are versatile and can be used for different safety, security, protection, and access purposes. The bollards prices greatly vary according to their type. However, they are available in a vast range of styles and price ranges, and definitely, the cost of bollards won’t intimidate you from installing them. To get a quote to have your bollards installed, visit our bollard installation page or contact us.

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