Steelmark Bike Racks

There are a bounty of positives to reducing car usage, but it can be a deterrent for people to ride their
bikes to and from if they have nowhere to store them. Steelmark understands the importance of giving bike
owners, business owners, and lot managers options for how to organize bikes when not in use.

Steelmark offers a range of options for bike racks that can help to keep bikes upright and
organized in commercial or public settings. These bike racks can also work outside of a home or
in a garage. Additionally, Steemark produces bike rack options that allow you to keep your bike
off the ground.

Bike racks offer a range of benefits and encourage more people to ride their bikes as opposed to driving
knowing they can store their bike safely.

Why Are Bike Racks Useful?

Bike racks are useful because they offer a way to keep bikes organized and uniform. Bikes can be kept
out of the way of pedestrians and cars in commercial areas, or can be kept from taking up too much
space inside a garage.

What Are The Different Types Of Bike Racks Available?

There are bike racks available to allow bikes to stand upright, and these bike racks are installed in the
ground. You can find bike racks of this kind in various sizes to allow for multiple bikes to be parked using
your rack of choice.

There are also bike racks that allow you to hang a single bike on the wall or securely lock a bike onto it.
These types of racks either come in hoop or hook form, and are able to withstand the weight of a bike
when secured properly into the wall or the ground.

Storing Your Bike In A Steelmark Bike Rack

If you’re asking where can I buy a bike rack, you’ll want to choose a Steelmark model because of how
easy it is to store your bike inside of one. The smart design of the standing bike racks allows one to
simply glide their bike tire-first into the rack, where users can lock their bike should they bring a lock

With wall mounted bike racks, there are hooks at the end that allow you to place your bike onto them to
keep your bike held up. With bike hoops, you can lay your bike against the hoop with the kickstand down
and secure it with a bike lock.

How To Put A Bike On A Bike Rack

If you’re looking at putting your bike on a bike stand, you’re typically running your front tire into the
angular racks. This way, your bike will stay standing up. Locking your bike can ensure that your bike
doesn’t get stolen, and also stays in place.

Wall mounted bike racks can cause some confusion at first glance. The best way to secure your bike onto
one of these racks without potentially causing damage to the bike is to hang your bike with the front tire
facing the ground, and the bar that is attached to the seat laying on the hooks that jut out.
What Bike Rack Should I Get?

Trying to decide which bike rack to buy is going to depend on how you’re hoping to use it. It will also
depend on how many bikes you are looking to store. For smaller spaces outside small shops, a bike hoop
or a two bay stand will likely be all that fits.

With workspaces, offices, and shopping centers, Steelmark offers bike racks that hold up to six bikes.
More spaces to park bikes also encourages more people to use bikes, which is of great benefit to the