Bicycle Stand Assembly

Assembling a Steelmark Bicycle Stand is really not difficult. You should receive 2 boxes 

from the courier – one box will be the stands and the fasteners and the other will be the two base angles. 

When you look at the base angles, you will notice that there are more holes in it then you were expecting. For example, the base rail of a 6 bike stand (as shown above) will have 11 holes in the rail. 6 of the holes will be used to hold the stands in place and the other 5 are for securing the assembled product to the ground if you desire to do so

So for a 6 bike stand you will be attaching the bike stands to the base angle using the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th holes. Please insert the bolt through the stand first and then through the base angle so that the thread (and therefore the nut) will be pointing down. Please just use your hands and make each nut finger tight first before you tighten the nuts with spanners

You can assemble the stands at any angle you wish, but almost 100% of the time a ‘normal’ right angle assemble (like in the above picture) is the best course of action.

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