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These Asphalt Anchors are constructed from zinc plated steel and are available in sizes SP1 0, SP1 2, SP1 8 and SP58.

A 1 4-1 8mm tube is the backbone of the anchor. The bottom is flared and sealed to act as a wedge when pushing the anchor into the ground. A welded spiral along the length of the anchor provides for a strong bond with the grout. The top of the anchor incorporates a large washer with internal female thread.

The washer prevents the anchor from dropping below the surface, and guards the thread from the grout spilling into it. The washer prevents static pull forces on the anchor when the structure is attached to the anchor. Such forces are likely if the head of the anchor is smaller than the hole in the base of the structure being attached; in the latter case, as the bolt is tightened, the anchor would be pulled up through the hole into the base.

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Product Code:



Carbon Steel – Zinc Plated

Anchor Diameter:


Anchor Washer:

37mm x 2mm

Anchor Length:


Internal Thread:

M10 x 1.50

Maximum Bolt Penetration:


Hole Diameter:


Grout mixture volume:


Typical pull resistance:


Typical shear resistance:


Typical torque resistance:


Product Data Sheet:

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